Public Record Media (PRM) produces independent-minded, non-partisan public affairs writing and programming. PRM also vigorously pursues government data through open records requests. Information is the lifeblood of a healthy democracy. PRM’s mission is to encourage substantive discussions of public affairs issues, and to promote civic values such as open, constitutional governance.


Public Record Media relies on a pool of freelance producers, editors, technicians, and legal advisors to carry out its program missions.  In addition, PRM’s staff includes:

Matt Ehling
President, lead producer
PRM president Matt Ehling is a Twin Cities based television producer and writer. He founded Public Record Media in 2010, after nearly two decades in the communications industry. In April of 2012, he was awarded the John R. Finnegan Freedom of Information Award by the Minnesota Coalition on Government Information.

Ehling’s television and radio documentaries frequently focus on national security, civil liberties, and legal issues. His original broadcast programs include “Urban Warrior” and “Intent: Searching For Meaning In The Constitution”, and have appeared on PBS, the Bravo Channel, and the Independent Film Channel, as well as at national and international film festivals.

His written work – both news articles and op-ed pieces – has appeared in a variety of publications, including the on-line news magazine Minnpost.com.

He has lectured and taught at the University of Minnesota, the University of Saint Thomas, Minneapolis Community and Technical College, and the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. He has served on the boards of several charitable, historical, and media organizations in the Twin Cities area. He is the past president of Saint Paul Neighborhood Network, and was invited to serve on the board of the Minnesota Coalition on Government Information in the summer of 2012.

In past years, Matt helped found the Midwest Media Artists’ Access Center, and was active in civil liberties advocacy. He was the founding chair of the Saint Paul chapter of the Bill of Rights Defense Committee, which lobbied Congress to reform the USA PATRIOT Act from 2003-2005, and sponsored numerous public forums and debates on post-9/11 civil liberties issues.

Matt Ehling currently serves on the board of the Minnesota Coalition on Government Information as chair of the legislative issues committee. In that capacity, he evaluates and critiques legislative proposals on government information policy that come before the Minnesota legislature.

Katherine Loudenslager
Research, administrative, and technical support.

Luke Grohovsky
PRM’s website designer and developer


Public Record Media generates income through consulting and other services, the sale of program copies, and the licensing of stock footage.


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