February 5, 2013 press release on fee award

PRM press release discussing award of fees in DOJ litigation over drone-related documents. February 5, 2013.

May 22, 2012 press release on DOJ lawsuit

PRM press release discussing filing of federal lawsuit over DOJ withholding of drone-related documents. May 22, 2012.

2012 Finnegan Award Presentation

Transcript of the 2012 Finnegan Freedom of Information Award presentation, featuring Helen Burke of the Minnesota Coalition on Government Information, Amy Goodman of “Democracy Now” and Public Record Media’s Matt Ehling.

“Civil Liberty” public installation

Collection of ten panels; designed for presentation in a public area. The installation deals with civil liberties in American law and culture – from free speech to gun rights.

PRM’s “Civil Liberty” installation project is based on over ten years of documentary and journalistic work focused on constitutional and civil liberties issues. It examines these issues in a broad fashion – drawing in perspectives from across the political spectrum, in an attempt to deepen public conversations about individual rights.

Click here to view the installation’s panels. These can be downloaded, printed, and displayed free of charge under an “Attribution-No Derivatives” CC BY-ND license from Public Record Media.

Find the 8/15/11 press release for the event here. The PDF version is here.